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Top search engines such as Google and Bing, offer paid advertising to businesses to display products and services in front of their desired audience, without trying to appear organically in search results.


At Socialise digital our award winning, Google certified, digital marketers, understand the true potential of online paid advertising and how best to utilise this to drive results for our customers. Google Ads is considered the most popular PPC advertising platform around, though there are others online too. Pay-per-click advertising often referred to as PPC, is a popular marketing tool that allows online companies, such as ourselves, to bid for relevant keywords and phrases (for your product or service) that can be found in paid adverts. These adverts can appear in both the search engines sponsored results and on other websites, apps or videos too. Every time your ad is clicked you pay the search engine a fee. This fee will always be based on your advert criteria and budget.

How We Make It Work
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At Socialise Digital we strive to create the right ads that not only increase your click rate but more importantly, bring quality leads to your website. We help develop a finely tuned strategy that best fits your business needs, creating highly engaging ad campaigns with effective keyword search and a clear call-to-action. 



Throughout each campaign, we will ensure you’re getting value for money by completely optimising your advertising content and targeting clicks, all whilst tracking your ROI. We also ensure your landing pages are fully optimised for conversions as it’s imperative that an increase in web traffic, also means an increase in sales and leads. From beginning to end, we closely monitor your PPC ad campaigns to ensure maximum, visible results. 

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